Chavutti Massage – An Extraordinary Holistic Experience

Chavutti massage

Chavutti Thirumal massage is massage by foot pressure. It is characterised by exceptional long fluid strokes from neck to toes. 

The arches and curves of the foot matching perfectly the contours of the body, as if the foot had been designed for giving massage, allow a full body deep tissue experience that other massages rarely achieve. 

Chavutti eases muscle tensions, releases endorphins, also known as the happiness hormones, facilitates circulation and calms the nervous system. This is true of most massages, but the length and depth of Chavutti strokes take these effects to another level.

Instead of working in isolation, that is on one muscle group at a time, Chavutti uses integrative long sweeping motions along the myofascial meridians. In particular the front, back, lateral, spiral and arm lines. Anatomy enthusiasts can learn more by referring  to ‘Anatomy Trains’ by Tom Myers.

Chavutti includes the glutei muscles which are rarely or never addressed properly in other massages. Yet this large and important muscle group is often tight due to modern lifestyle and sitting for long hours. Other deep muscles such as the piriformes are also addressed.

The long and rhythmic sweeping motions of Chavutti are an invitation to deep relaxation and letting go, while faster invigorating and stimulating strokes keep you awake. 

Chavutti helps to calm and relax body and mind. The quality of the gentle touch gives a sense of being nurtured with kindness. Some people experience emotional release. 

Chavutti massage makes people feel good! Beware, after receiving Chavutti you may have a realisation, tender your resignation to your boss, start yoga and become a happy hippy!

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