Chavutti Thirumal Massage



Chavutti Thirumal (Indian rope massage) is an extraordinary holistic deep tissue massage, probably the most unusual anyone could ever receive.

It is given using the soles of the feet, enabling exceptional long sweeping therapeutic motions from neck to toes. 

Chavutti is a full body deep tissue massage given with premium quality oil.

The receiver lies on a comfortable thick mattress and towels while I maintain my balance by holding on a rope. 

The practice is based on the precise knowledge of anatomy, muscles and fascia.

Chavutti Thirumal means massage by foot pressure, it is also known as the dance of Shiva.

Disposable underwear is provided.


– Eases muscle tensions;

– Improves suppleness;

– Stimulates the circulatory system;

– Facilitates free energy flow;

– Quicker recovery between workouts;

– Better quality of sleep;

– Brings a sense of completeness and wellbeing;

– Deep relaxation.


The therapy was developed for Kalari martial artists and Kathakali dancers in South India for maintaining the suppleness in their body.


Approx 1h30.




Deep tissue Chavutti Thirumal massage in Chiswick (West London). Sessions take place in a beautiful space, conveniently accessible by underground, train and bus.


“It was truly mind blowing”

A massive thank you Alain for introducing me to my first chuvatti massage session. It was truly mind blowing. You were skillful, professional and sensitive to my body’s needs. I was completely at ease of what to come. The sweet scent of the hot oil and the relaxing smooth long sweeping movements of your feet facilitated the free flow of energy of my tensed muscles.
Straight after, my body felt lighter, more at ease and even my head was clearer. The best massage; most effective.
After a deep and better night of sleep, I am in harmony, revitalised and happier to go about my busy schedule. Now, I can’t wait to my next session! 

LL London ( Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher & Complex education needs TA, London)

“I loved the fluidity, the length of the strokes feel so different compared to hands…I felt blissful”

I found the massage incredibly relaxing. I loved the fluidity, the length of the strokes feel so different compared to hands. Alain regularly checked to see if the strength was at the right level. Alain’s treatments are always so thoughtful, therapeutic and generous. I felt blissful.

Emma (Senior Consultant, West London)

“The gliding movements were very smooth, relaxing and soothing”

The gliding movements were very smooth, relaxing and soothing. The sequences were holistic and interrelated. There was a smooth succession and flow of strokes and a balance of pressure. Alain kept a good connection with me. He checked regularly to see if I was okay, if the pressure was too much, if I was cold. I have never experienced this massage before, I felt very reassured by Alain and put my complete trust in him. He has a very professional approach.

I was surprised by how light I felt following the Chavutti massage. In my previous experiences I felt heavy or tired but with Alain I felt uplifted and energised.

Miray (London)


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