Looking to ease tension in your legs? Don’t forget ‘Everyone’s Friends’!


If like many of us, you experience chronic tightness in your thigh muscles this post might help.

Exercises for releasing the quadriceps, hamstrings and abductors are well known and can help. However often, these exercises alone are unlikely to fully release tension and give a sense of freedom in movement.

This is because an important compartment of the thighs also needs to be addressed: the aDductor muscles (as opposed to ABductors). The ADductors and their related fascia are located on the inner sides of the thighs, they attach to the pelvis at different angles, therefore they are multi-tasks (for the anatomy enthusiasts the adductors comprise: magnus, longus, brevis, minimus, pectineus and gracilis). The ADductors not only stabilise the pelvis but also assist their neighbours, the quadriceps and hamstrings in flexion and extension. This is the reason why they are called everyone’s friends! 
However in the presence of fascial adhesions, that is when muscle groups and their fascia are glued and do not glide freely on each others, the aDductors don’t assist anymore but instead can restrict both hamstrings and quadriceps.

Foam roller or massage ball work can help in releasing the ADductors, however, nothing replaces human hands.

Rolfing Structural Integration aims at releasing fascial adhesions. In this case the Rolfer uses specific precise manipulations for releasing and facilitating the gliding of the ADductors on quadriceps and hamstrings for reaching full potential in movement. For further information or questions please feel free to contact me. Warmly, Alain

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