Vestibular System: Find your Balance and Spatial Orientation

Are you struggling to balance? Rolfing can help to improve balance and spatial orientation. The vestibular system or inner ear, is a sensory system that creates the sense of balance and spatial orientation. It consists of three semi circular canals and otolithes which detect rotational movements and linear accelerations. Certain common habits have the effect of […]

Polina Semionova: Balance and Support

In this video of ballerina Polina Semionova, one can see that she is not just flexible. That her remarkable balance and stability are integral parts of her artistic expression. In the field of gravity, flexibility on its own does not allow humans to reach their full potential. Specific body parts have to be able to stabilise and […]

Find Balance between Ground and Space

Finding Balance between Ground and Space with Rolfing®. “As animals, we walk the earth, as bearers of a divine essence we are among the stars, as human beings we are caught in the middle” During Rolfing sessions we work together to assess your postural habits. We observe the position of your centre of gravity and […]

White Nights, Mikhail Baryshnikov & Gregory Hines

Rolfing for balance and orientation. Here’s a video that I enjoyed watching, we see two great dancers moving together, Michael Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines. Although they are performing the same moves, we can see differences in their postures. Who has more ground? Who has more lift? Who is more controlled? Rolfing helps to develop awareness of […]

Improve Posture with Rolfing

Improving posture with Rolfing Structural Integration. This client is in her early sixties. She had her neck forward, a rounded upper back and hyper-extending knees, which caused knee strain and discomfort. The ‘After’ photo was taken after seven Rolfing® sessions. We can see postural improvements, her neck is less forward, her upper back less rounded […]

Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly

Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly dancing together. I find this classic movie both entertaining and educational. One dancer’s light body is flying in the air, while the other dancer’s athletic body moves fluidly. What is your preferred style, do you know your own body type? Enjoy the video! BLOG

Buttock Pain and Scoliosis

Buttock pain keeps coming back ? In Rolfing Structural Integration we look farther afield. The piriformis muscle is conventionally described as a hip rotator as it turns the leg and foot outward, but it does more.  When the thigh is free to move (when we lift a leg off the floor), indeed contracting the piriformis […]