Alain has an incredible knowledge of the human body. He is very caring, empathetic and intuitive. He has helped me with persistent pain that I had been getting from a car accident several years ago. I tried many different treatments before coming to Alain and had no lasting relief. Since starting Rolfing, I have been feeling consistently better each session. After the 7th session, for the first time in many years, I had absolutely no neck pain at the end of my working day! I highly recommend Alain not only because is he very skilled but also because he genuinely cares. Mary (West London)

Thank you so much for my wonderful 10-series, it was 100 times more than what I expected. So powerful; so life changing; so insightful…I simply think words get in the way of description. Anyway I feel privileged and honoured to be given the opportunity and experience. LL (South London)

Rolfing with Alain – who would have guessed – I am renewing my relationship with my body in an exciting voyage of self-discovery.

Alain has woken up muscles that were sleeping: this month I am learning to walk in a new way-flexing my previously inflexible toes facilitating a graceful glide rather than a stomp. This is revolutionary for me – I have never understood why I stomped/ had water on my ankles/heavy legs. I feel freer and lighter and happier.

Alain’s intuitive and empathetic approach together with homework to anchor the changes means this is a very worthy investment in my health and sense of well-being. A wonderful addition to the Eden Team of professionals. Kate B (Ealing)

I was amazed by Alain’s perfection, eye for tiny details, sensitivity and caring. His professional manner and super calm energy itself was healing. I think I was on the verge of falling asleep many times on the treatment table. I had no particular pain in my body, only my curiosity but very quickly discovered the hidden unbalance in my body which got visually and sensually lessened through only one session.  It was a great feeling to be aligned, lighter, free form the (before) unknown tension. I am very grateful having a chance to receive Alain’s sessions. Zsuzsa (West London)

Alain is an exceptionally sensitive and caring Rolfing therapist. In one session he had highlighted the cause of my pain and his technique had already given relief, as well as educating me on practical tools I could apply to help my condition. He has a natural gift of understanding the imperfections of the physical form and works subtly with you to re align re balance and relieve pain. I cannot recommend him enough not only as a therapist but as a very charming warm and calm energy. Tracey (West London)

This is an amazing experience and Alain is a wonderful therapist. Rolfing is so interesting. I have so many imbalances, subtle and not so subtle. For example, I was holding my arms away from my sides, as though mimicking a body builder! Alain expertly found the place to manipulate the fascia and waited for the muscle underneath to start responding. After that the arms fell straight by my sides as they should have been. The treatment itself is really such a new experience. A few times on the treatment table I felt so deeply relaxed it was like being awake and asleep at the same time. It’s more of a learning experience than any massage or visit to the physio. It’s empowering. You get to know yourself. Tania S. (Ealing)

I have suffered with back and neck pain, tight shoulders and intermittent headaches for quite some time. I need to see an osteopath regularly and a chiro a few times each year to try relieve the pain. I also spend a fortune on massage to try ease my muscles. I was intrigued by the work Alain does to release the fascia – it made complete sense to me that if my fascia was still so tight then it may be a reason why I continue to be pulled out of alignment. After just one session I felt a drastic change and relief in how much easier I could breathe, my neck and shoulder pain decreased considerably and I slept soundly for the first time in 2 years. I have learnt that most people’s bodies re-integrate after 9-11 sessions.  If I felt so good after just one session, then I am so excited to be able to experience my body in an integrated and more balanced state.  The thought of being pain-free, being able to stand and move and carry my children more easily fills me with hope! I do believe that this is a wonderful addition to the excellent variety of therapies that we offer at Eden” Claire B. (Ealing – Owner of Eden Fitness and Eden Organic)

I can highly recommend Rolfing sessions with Alain. It’s amazing to notice how the body reacts to the sessions. Without any pain or pressure I got a completely new perception of my body, it feels more aligned and integrated. I have more self-confidence and vitality. I very much appreciate Alain’s sensitive work. He always provided an atmosphere in which I could relax very easily. In addition the home exercises helped me to stabilise the achievements. Hanna L. (Munich)

Thank you hugely for a great Rolfing session yesterday. It was a hugely successful first session. Insightful, raising awareness, professional. Really quickly you have come to work on my issues. Great technique and friendly explanations. I have enjoyed and noticed changes in my body even straight after the appointment. This morning I feel eager to continue and want to find out more…L. (Morden, London)

I initially tried Rolfing by curiosity. It taught me a lot about my posture and I am now able to self-correct my posture during my day-to-day life, which has contributed to improve my overall wellbeing. Isabelle P. (West London)

I’d never had Rolfing before, and wasn’t too sure what it would be like or what to expect. I’m generally quite fit and healthy and do a fair bit of exercise, but as a yoga teacher, keeping my body in tune is important, both professionally and personally.

I wasn’t exactly sceptical, but I wasn’t sure how Rolfing might help me. But I was really pleasantly surprised. I had a thorough examination of my body, shape, posture, movements and history, Alain was very detailed and clear. I realised that a minor, but long term problem of pins and needles and slight numbness in my arm and hand may be the result of a car accident decades ago. The problem diminished slightly after the first session, which I wasn’t expecting and is significantly eased now, so it was a great result.

Overall, I can recommend Rolfing, it helps to ease out tensions and weaknesses in your posture and movement. Alain is a great practitioner; he’s careful, thoughtful, thorough in his assessment of your body and posture and approaches his clients with a kind, compassionate and thoughtful manner. My treatments have been a great benefit, they’ve ironed out some minor issues I’d had and also made me aware of the kinks and habits that my body had developed over time. It’ll be a great tool to use as a regular tuning mechanism for my body health. I tend to keep the habit up! Thanks Alain! Sue U. (London)

I restore instruments for a living for which I have to sit still and bend over many at a time. Playing the violin in my free time is not helping. During my Rolfing session with Alain he observed several twists and bends in my body which explain various problems I have been struggling with for years. With this awareness and the work he did on the tense tissues I can incorporate the new knowledge into my everyday life which helps me a lot. Thanks Alain! Anja K. (West London)

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