A Rolfing Session

A Rolfing session takes approximately 75 minutes.

The Rolfing process usually comprises ten sessions which allow to thoroughly address the whole body. 

Individual ad-hoc sessions are also available.

The first session begins with an introductory discussion so that I am aware of your medical history. In addition the I will learn about your specific needs and answer your questions.

I will perform a visual assessment of your skeletal geometry, myofascial tissues and movements. The objective is to understand your patterns and restrictions and to determine a strategy for your specific needs.

Rolfers look at the inter-relationships of anatomical structures. Often the source of a specific tension or pain is further away from the area where it is felt. Therefore the Rolfer assesses the whole body geometry and movements. For further information refer to this video on Tensional Integrity or Tensegrity

Most manipulations take place with the client lying down on a comfortable massage table. 

I use a blanket to cover the client, also pillows and bolsters for support and comfort.

At the end of each Rolfing session the client and I observe and assess the results. 

I give strategic movement exercises for you to practice at home. These are designed to help, optimise and sustain change..