A Rolfing Session

The Rolfing process usually comprises ten sessions which allow to thoroughly address the whole body. Individual ad-hoc sessions are also possible.

A Rolfing session takes approximately 80 minutes and begins with an introductory discussion so the Rolfer is aware of your medical history, specific needs and can answer any questions.

The Rolfer proceeds to a visual assessment of the skeletal geometry and myofascia tissues in order to understand the causes of the tensions and restrictions and determine a strategy.

Most manipulations take place with the client lying down on a comfortable massage table, covered by a blanket. Pillows and bolsters are used for support and comfort.

At the end of each session both the Rolfer and client observe and assess the results. The Rolfer gives further movement training advice for the client to practice at home and in her/his day-to-day life.

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