Good Posture: ChatGPT versus Human Perspective

After hearing so much hype about what the media call ‘Artificial Intelligence’, I was curious and downloaded ChatGPT on my phone. Being a Rolfer and Yoga teacher, my first question was: ‘What is good posture?’ The answer was detailed and included the words balance, upright position, natural curves of the spine and distributing weight evenly. […]

Relation between Coccyx – Spinal and Hip Extensions

I always enjoy watching videos of sprinting Cheetahs. They are so powerful, yet slender and graceful as their body undulates with ease for maximum efficiency and speed.  Notice when the spine is in extension the base of the tail points upwards, not downwards. The area between the base of the tail and the rear legs […]


Do you like to play with your imagination? If you do then imagine that your eyes are not front facing for a moment but that they are on the sides of your head instead… Now Imagine how it would feel to have these great antlers by the sides and above your head like this majestic animal…. Take a […]

Vestibular System: Find your Balance and Spatial Orientation

Are you struggling to balance? Rolfing can help to improve balance and spatial orientation. The vestibular system or inner ear, is a sensory system that creates the sense of balance and spatial orientation. It consists of three semi circular canals and otolithes which detect rotational movements and linear accelerations. Certain common habits have the effect of […]

Principles of Good Work Sitting Posture

These are easy to follow principles of good work sitting posture.  Now observe your body sensations, does the posterior compartment of your pelvic floor, your coccyx area feel spacious? Does your spine give you support?  Your sitting position should be comfortable, however keep in mind that the human body is designed for movements, not for […]

Chavutti Massage – An Extraordinary Holistic Experience

Chavutti Thirumal massage is massage by foot pressure. It is characterised by exceptional long fluid strokes from neck to toes.  The arches and curves of the foot matching perfectly the contours of the body, as if the foot had been designed for giving massage, allow a full body deep tissue experience that other massages rarely […]

Tennis Ready Position: Support versus Compression

In the men’s Wimbledon tennis final today one could notice two champions with two very different ‘ready positions’.  Novak Djokovic was flexing at the knee and hip joints keeping his spine neutral while Nick Kyrgios was flexing his spine. Who do you think gets more structural support from his spine and more support from the ground? Who […]

Rolfing for Contact Sport Practitioners and Battered Bodies

Has your body been battered by years of intensive contact sport practice? Rolfing can help. Here’s a testimonial from a client who played Rugby at high level: ‘I am 64 years old and I was battered by contact sport for more than 50 years. Bending, stretching, rotating and all round flexibility is a serious challenge. […]

Walking like a Lion: Decompressing the Hip Joints and Spine

Rolfing for lengthening the body and decompressing the hip joints and the spine. For us humans, being bipedal brings great benefits. However, it also comes with a biomechanical challenge, that is to avoid shortening and compressing the body in our daily activities, particularly in the spine and at the hip joints. Over the years, as we […]