Good Posture: ChatGPT versus Human Perspective

After hearing so much hype about what the media call ‘Artificial Intelligence’, I was curious and downloaded ChatGPT on my phone. Being a Rolfer and Yoga teacher, my first question was: ‘What is good posture?’ The answer was detailed and included the words balance, upright position, natural curves of the spine and distributing weight evenly. […]

Your Body, Your Yoga, Your Way

Postural patterns and Yoga. Are you aware of your specific postural patterns and movement habits? Because we are unique and have different postural habits and restrictions,  there is not only one way to practice a yoga asana (posture). Together for each asana we explore and practice variations.  Knowing that an advanced yoga posture is not […]

Chavutti Massage – An Extraordinary Holistic Experience

Chavutti Thirumal massage is massage by foot pressure. It is characterised by exceptional long fluid strokes from neck to toes.  The arches and curves of the foot matching perfectly the contours of the body, as if the foot had been designed for giving massage, allow a full body deep tissue experience that other massages rarely […]

Chavutti Thirumal Massage now available

CHAVUTTI THIRUMAL MASSAGE SESSIONS AVAILABLE IN CHISWICK, WEST LONDON.   WHAT IS IT? Chavutti Thirumal is an extraordinary holistic massage, probably the most unusual anyone could ever receive. It is given using the soles of the feet, enabling exceptional long sweeping therapeutic motions from neck to toes.  It is a full body holistic deep tissue […]

Angelman Syndrome

One of the most satisfying experience in my Rolfing practice is when a client who came in pain leaves my treatment room with a smile on her face. It was even more special last week after I gave a session to Bess, who has a rare neurological disorder called Angelman Syndrome. Angelman syndrome symptoms include […]

Primum non nocere

As we are in a nationwide lockdown due to covid-19 in the UK I am suspending my Rolfing practice until 2 December 2020, I will re-open when the UK government has lifted the restrictions. “Primum non nocere’ – First, do no harm.


June 2020 – Body Ball Work Fascia Release, Yoga Classes and Rolfing Protocol July 2020 – We have re-opened, New Yoga class starting times, Body Ball Work Fascia Release  

10 Things to know about Fascia

Fascia is the broad term for the soft tissue net of the body. Fascia is ubiquitous and holds the body together. It wraps around all muscle fibres, muscles, and organs. It maintains the form of the body and its organs and provides cohesion and structural support. Fascia permits the diffusion of oxygen and nutrients from […]