Good Posture: ChatGPT versus Human Perspective

After hearing so much hype about what the media call ‘Artificial Intelligence’, I was curious and downloaded ChatGPT on my phone. Being a Rolfer and Yoga teacher, my first question was: ‘What is good posture?’ The answer was detailed and included the words balance, upright position, natural curves of the spine and distributing weight evenly. […]

Relation between Coccyx – Spinal and Hip Extensions

I always enjoy watching videos of sprinting Cheetahs. They are so powerful, yet slender and graceful as their body undulates with ease for maximum efficiency and speed.  Notice when the spine is in extension the base of the tail points upwards, not downwards. The area between the base of the tail and the rear legs […]

Discover the Full Potential of your Feet

Last week, in a Greek paradise, a friend made me step out of my conventional habits by suggesting that I take my shoes off and walk barefoot in the forest with her. Like many I enjoy walking barefoot at home or on a fine sandy beach. Walking barefoot in the forest turned out to be […]

The Six Million Dollar Man

‘Steve Austin, astronaut: a man barely alive… Gentlemen we can rebuild him. We have the technology, we have the capability to make the worlds first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.’ Do you remember these lines? This was the introduction of my favourite TV show in the […]

Bobbing on the Feet!

A Fun short practice for keeping your feet healthy and fully functional. Human feet have been described as the Swiss army knife of the body. Like the notorious multi-tool they are beautifully designed, compact, yet multifunctional. The feet perform essential functions. They sense and adapt to the ground, give orientation, balance, support, lift, rotate and […]

Walking like a Lion: Decompressing the Hip Joints and Spine

Rolfing for lengthening the body and decompressing the hip joints and the spine. For us humans, being bipedal brings great benefits. However, it also comes with a biomechanical challenge, that is to avoid shortening and compressing the body in our daily activities, particularly in the spine and at the hip joints. Over the years, as we […]

Release Tension in your Feet and Legs

Rolfing for Legs and Feet. With 33 joints, the human foot is a multitask wonder. Fully functional feet adapt to the ground, receive weight, balance, lift and push. Quite an extraordinary feat for a relatively small body part. Whether you have rigid high-arched feet or collapsing feet, a Rolfer® assesses your feet then uses specific techniques […]