Discover the Full Potential of your Feet

Last week, in a Greek paradise, a friend made me step out of my conventional habits by suggesting that I take my shoes off and walk barefoot in the forest with her.

Like many I enjoy walking barefoot at home or on a fine sandy beach. Walking barefoot in the forest turned out to be a much more profound and unique experience. 

There were so many different shapes, textures and temperatures: soil, tree roots, rocks, pebbles, grass, mud, hard, soft, dry or wet, cold streams etc…

For the first time I realised the full potential of my feet: sensing, adapting gripping and balancing. All joints were in action, it was an extraordinary experience, a true feast of the senses.

As sensory organs the feet sense: pressure, textures, shapes and temperature. As foundations of human bipedal locomotion they adapt, bear weight, grip, balance, lift, transmit forces, rotate and push.

Modern lifestyles, walking mostly on hard flat surfaces and shoes make our feet less functional. 

This is a very simple and healthy somatic experience. Go to a nearby forest, take your shoes off and experience the full potential of your feet while connecting with mother nature. 

Most importantly have fun!


Barefoot walking in the forest