Savasana in Eden…

It was a very special moment at Eden Fitness this morning. Together, in deep meditation, we practiced the yoga posture called Savasana or corpse pose. The evocation of death may sound grim, however it is the exact opposite. Indeed, the name is metaphorical and doesn’t refer to physical death but to spiritual death, which in […]

Relation between Coccyx – Spinal and Hip Extensions

I always enjoy watching videos of sprinting Cheetahs. They are so powerful, yet slender and graceful as their body undulates with ease for maximum efficiency and speed.  Notice when the spine is in extension the base of the tail points upwards, not downwards. The area between the base of the tail and the rear legs […]

Your Body, Your Yoga, Your Way

Postural patterns and Yoga. Are you aware of your specific postural patterns and movement habits? Because we are unique and have different postural habits and restrictions,  there is not only one way to practice a yoga asana (posture). Together for each asana we explore and practice variations.  Knowing that an advanced yoga posture is not […]