In the opening chant of Ashtanga yoga the sanskrit word ‘Asi’ means sword.

The sword, is the symbol of clear judgement (discernment). When we are in a state of Yoga, that is a state of calmness and heightened awareness, the mind is sharp like a sword. We are able to cut through the veils of our illusions or conditioned perceptions and see with clarity.

In this wonderful scene from John Boorman’s ‘Excalibur’ (1981), King Arthur’s willingness to fight Lancelot is driven by pride and rage rather than discernment. This is when his sword ‘Excalibur’ breaks.

However, Arthur immediately recovered mental clarity as he realised how foolish he had been.
This is the moment when Excalibur rises back from calm waters (calm mind) as the Lady of the lake returns the sword, intact and as sharp as Arthur’s discernment.

Enjoy the scene!