Somatic Meditation on Support from Friends

Body Mind connection – A Somatic Meditation on Support from Friends

Let’s start by sitting comfortably, we may close the eyes.

Now let’s bring to mind a recent or distant memory when a dear friend was present for us as we needed support. This friend offered help, we remember his presence and kindness.

It’s easy to remember the feelings of being supported by a good friend. A sense of reassurance and comfort, the alleviation of anxieties associated with the vicissitudes of life. Feeling more confident and cheerful as the spirit is lifted.

But how about noticing the body sensations associated with these feelings?

We may close our eyes and now imagine that the spirit of our friend is present in the room. It is right behind us, behind our back. How does it feel?

Perhaps the body starts to relax. We may feel more grounded on our sit bones. Maybe we feel that our spine gives more support and lift. 

Let the sensation of support spread through the entire body. 

The face and jaw may relax. Old tensions in the neck and shoulders may ease as the shoulders slightly drop and rest on the thorax. Perhaps we feel that we sit taller.

Enjoy feeling supported in your body, feel the inner peace that comes with it.

I hope this Somatic meditation may deepen your experience of living in your body.

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