Somatic Meditation on Friendship (Kindness)

Somatic Meditation

A Somatic Meditation on Friendship (Kindness).

“We enjoy meeting with good friends, being with them makes us feeling good and happy. It’s easy to notice the feeling of happiness, but how about noticing the body sensations associated with the feeling? Our feelings are seeded within our bodies, so how does it feel in the body when we are with a good friend? 

“Let’s start by remembering some events of being with a dear old friend for the first time in months or years. Maybe we shared a meal together or had a coffee. We enjoyed a conversation or we walked together in the park.

“Now let’s try to remember some of the body sensations during these moments. Maybe we were smiling; maybe the face was slightly wider and the eyes softened. The shoulders dropped slightly, resting on the thorax; the neck got looser. The chest felt more open and spacious; the abdomen was softer.

“Now let’s focus the mind on one of these sensations and imagine that the sensation is slowly moving to other parts of the body. Maybe it’s spreading towards the chest, the abdomen, towards the pelvis, the arms and legs, hands and feet. Let the sensation slowly radiate through other body parts. 

“Let the sensations of Friendship (Kindness) seep through the entire body. Enjoy! Feel the inner quiet that comes with it”.

I hope this Somatic meditation may deepen your experience of living in your body.

Alain Zakeossian, Certified Rolfer®